Thursday, May 6, 2010


1. This top lister has been feeling the need to run.

2. Forget everything.

3. That photo is my favorite. It feels graceful to me.

4. There's something really beautiful about running away, even though it is the most cowardly thing in the world.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Umbrella Love

1. We've covered how much I love pictures with umbrellas in them. So......Here we go!

Running in a field with an umbrella. LOVE. From

I'm going to fly away on this umbrella. From ALPhotography on

I would never leave. Also, imagine tapping the tealights with a spoon. Clinkity clink. Love. From

Not usually a fan of black and white, but there is a field, an umbrella and twirling. From

Don't worry. This won't be the last umbrella post.....

Sunday List- Jasmine

1. Happy Sunday everyone!
2. It's gorgeous outside...dreamy even.
3. We're planting flowers (more on that later) in the wrap around flower boxes in the front of our home.
4. The cream brick, black shudders and vibrant purple blooms are an explosion of sexiness.

Jasmine by Opart on

5. My favorite is when we plant Jasmine on the front porch.

By Rapt in Roses on

6. These are what our petunias will look like eventually. We'll be a gypsy house and I'll do piourettes on the flower boxes.

7. That is all for today...
8. So I leave you with this little nugget of wisdom from the show Archer:
9. "This is like O'Henry and Alanis had a baby and it was this situation."
10. Turns out, I like planting flowers when I don't want to think of reality.
11. I just can't resist:
Delightful Umbrella photo from:

12. Not flying away on an umbrella, but a close second:)