Thursday, May 6, 2010


1. This top lister has been feeling the need to run.

2. Forget everything.

3. That photo is my favorite. It feels graceful to me.

4. There's something really beautiful about running away, even though it is the most cowardly thing in the world.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Umbrella Love

1. We've covered how much I love pictures with umbrellas in them. So......Here we go!

Running in a field with an umbrella. LOVE. From

I'm going to fly away on this umbrella. From ALPhotography on

I would never leave. Also, imagine tapping the tealights with a spoon. Clinkity clink. Love. From

Not usually a fan of black and white, but there is a field, an umbrella and twirling. From

Don't worry. This won't be the last umbrella post.....

Sunday List- Jasmine

1. Happy Sunday everyone!
2. It's gorgeous outside...dreamy even.
3. We're planting flowers (more on that later) in the wrap around flower boxes in the front of our home.
4. The cream brick, black shudders and vibrant purple blooms are an explosion of sexiness.

Jasmine by Opart on

5. My favorite is when we plant Jasmine on the front porch.

By Rapt in Roses on

6. These are what our petunias will look like eventually. We'll be a gypsy house and I'll do piourettes on the flower boxes.

7. That is all for today...
8. So I leave you with this little nugget of wisdom from the show Archer:
9. "This is like O'Henry and Alanis had a baby and it was this situation."
10. Turns out, I like planting flowers when I don't want to think of reality.
11. I just can't resist:
Delightful Umbrella photo from:

12. Not flying away on an umbrella, but a close second:)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Decision Time For A Top Lister

1. So I start my sunny morning with a decision to make.
2. One that has already been made in my mind.
3. I want so badly to ignore it and do what I really want to do.
4. Risk shit hitting the fan even more than it has.
5. But gain living in the moment.
6. Would it really be that different?

7. Well, when things don't turn in your favor, think of something completely unrelated...
8. Like a party.
9. Stay tuned for the "Welcome Summer" party that I'm planning.
10. It will be marvelous.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Baby Top List

1. It's been incredibly busy here at the office...
2. BUT..
3. They thew in a random ice cream social today to keep us happy.
4. It worked:)

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Does A Daily Top List Really End?

1. A daily top list never really ends until the day is over.

2. Especially when there is big news to be told.

3. Well, big news in the land of my random obsessions.

4. Last night, I was looking at pictures to post for your Sunday and I desperately wanted to find one of a girl flying away on an umbrella.

5. Those are my fav. They have been since I first saw one, and there are many of them out there.

6. I love the idea of just floating away one day without a word to anyone and I also love umbrellas. You see the logic in my obsession.

7. Anywho, I couldn't find a single one! Not even on (if you've never been there, it's a treasure trove of loveliness).

8. BUUUT... I just found one. Just now. On the pure random. So I present you with:

9. A picture of a girl flying away on an umbrella.

10. Feel free to jump up and down and clap your hands and say, "Eeeeeeeee!!!". I did.

A Monday Top List

1. It's one of those Mondays that I am feeling good about, but that I still put ice in my coffee thermos so I can drink it asap. In other words, keep the good, despite it being the beginning of the workweek, feeling going.

2. Moneek and I got ready together this morning, which rarely ever happens and it cheered me up. Getting ready alone is just no fun. Who can I complain about my outfits to?

3. Incidentally, I had to wear a tank top AND a slip under my dress today. I can't even express the disapproval I have in regards to under garmets. That sounded perverted. Hehe.

4. All three dogs were up with us, causing a commotion (Zoey and Castor like to make out, it's weird) and tripping us at every chance that they get.

5. Moneek brought to my attention that I have taken to saying, "Can we not....." a lot.

6. Ex: To the dogs: "Can we not be lame today?"

7. Ex: To Castor: "If you're not doing my hair, can we not be here?"

8. Yes I am a very nice pet owner (or try to be) I promise!

9. Has anyone heard that Stars have released a new album called Sad Robot?

10. The title song is in french and it has the most beautifully sad lyrics that I just love:

11. In french ( I so wish I was fluent in french ):

Il pleut, il pleut,

Je pleure, je pleure,

Il pleut, il pleut,

Je pleure, je pleure,

J'ai peur que je vais roullier ce soir

Il pleut, il pleut,

Je pleure, je pleure,

Il pleut, il pleut,

Je pleure, je pleure,

J'ai peur que mon temps soit expiree,

J'espere que vous viendrez me secher

J'espere que vous pouvez me reperer

J'ai peur que je vais roullier ce soir

Mon coeur,

Changera de l'acier a la poussiere

12. And in english:

It rains, it rains

I cry, I cry

It rains, it rains

I cry, I cry

I'm afraid that I'm going to rust tonight

It rains, it rains

I cry, I cry

It rains, it rains

I cry, I cry

I'm afraid that my time has expired,

I hope that you will come dry me,

I hope that you can repair me,

I'm afraid that I'm going to rust tonight

My heart,

Will change from steel to dust

13. Like I said, so sad and so beautiful. I just can't help but love it. And it doesn't hurt that that's exactly how I feel.
14. You would have thought I'd learned my lesson by now. I just can't stand being one of those people who don't live in the moment. I want to be a gypsy, a drifter, train hopper, traipeze artist, Peter Pan, anyone who doesn't have to think, who just twirls through life.
15. Oh, here's the album cover for the Stars CD. Lovely.

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

End of Weekend Prettiness- Top List Style

1. Sundays are lazy, relaxing and a farewell to the weekend all rolled into one.

2. Because of this, a series of inspiring, jaw dropping pictures are needed to help keep you grounded firmly into the weekend.

3. That is why, starting today, and continuing every Sunday, I will post three lovely morsels for you viewing pleasure.

Too true.

This is what I do in my spare time. tehe.

I would die everytime I woke up in this room. The definition of lovliness.

Sums up my biggest flaw perfectly- pretty picture style.

One umbrella picture is never enough.

Gorgeous. Last umbrella picture. I promise. (For now).

Amelie can always round out a list of prettiness.

Because all of us Amelies out there deserve a happy ending too.

4. If you haven't heard the soundtrack to this movie, it is a must listen. It's twirl worthy.

5. Oh, and I wish that I could have found a picture of the scene where Amelie melts to the floor- literally. That's how I've been feeling exactly.

6. P.S. Did I say three? Tehe. Whoops:)

Happy weekend!

Sunday Listlessness Top List

A List Of Loves:

1. Picking out our future cottages in San Marco. I made Moneek take a picture in front of some unknown person's home (who may or may not have been inside at the time).

2. Posing in front of an explosion of azaleas.

3. Martinis at The Ivy.

4. BOARD GAMES. All Board Games. In fact, if there was a way to combine them all into one super massive, deliciously legendary game of yumminess, I WOULD PLAY IT.

5. Daydreaming about my future adventure of sailing down the Amazon and staying in a tree house hotel where I will have to lock the doors so monkeys don't try to come in my room and steal my booze and attempt to look at my whoha while I'm in the shower and where I will see pink dolphins and learn how to survive in the wilderness, all while looking/smelling stunning and stopping to pick the exotic flowers. Look, that there is a picture of the South America part of my globe. That means I'm SERIOUS. Good day.

6. Green and blue glass bottles just rock my world so hard I don't even know which way is up. Yes, this is one of those collections that serves absolutely no purpose but, if there was a fire and I had to snatch a few things to save, I'd probably grab one of these vases and shoot out the door. I know, I know. It doesn't make sense. Look, everyone gets one. 

7. I heart heart heart all the journals I've kept since Sophmore year in high school. On a serious note kids, there is nothing like the ramblings of 16 year old you to remind you how much you've grown. This is especially useful on days when you feel little, pathetic and the biggest failure on the planet. Everyone needs to journal. Go grab a pen and if you don't have a journal yet (go get one) use an old receipt, grafetti the wall by your toilet or just write on the table.

 8. My current journal. Leather bound and embossed with "Drifter's Log". Sigh. I wish you could sniff it's yumminess and get the full effect. It is glorious.

9. My Diana camera. It's a toy camera (if no one has heard of the cult of these cameras you've been under a rock somewhere) which basically means that it lets light in randomly and you could take the most stunning picture of your life or it could be completely black and fuzzy. It's a surprise and who doesn't love a good surprise?

10. Castor Troy, the love of my life. Aka: "Bunny", "Poodle", "Bun Face" or "Life Ruiner" if he's being naughty. Incidentally, Moneek has informed me that he is starting to believe he is a bunny because he does a little hop at the end of a stretch of running. 

11. Karaoke with my best friend in the whole wide world. Fav song to sing? HEARTBREAKER by Pat Benatar. PUMPS ME UP!!!

12. Well, I'm sufficiently cheered up and it's time to go grocery shopping. Excitement. perhaps I'll buy a giant box of Slim Jims. Don't worry, I'm sure that you will be hearing about my unhealthy obsession with these sticks of meaty goodness later. For now, I'm off!

The History of Top List

1. As anything with me seems to go, Top List was born out of sheer laziness.

2. But we shall say for the official record, that it was an idea sprung from the swirling creative juices encased in my high IQ, perfect, always humourous, always thinking and subsequently saying, glamourous, grown up, infinitely imaginative brilliant mind, whose intent is to always break the mold and this little product was tada! the Top List.

3. I used to work with a girl named Sandra, who was, for a long time it seemed, my main mentor. She was the type of girl that someone like me came to with all my problems. She had somehow lived them all twelve times over. We communicated through a number of emails every weekday and the first always began as a "Once upon a time" account of my adventures that I liked to refer to as story format, due to my obsession with writing in the third person and referring to myself as your (insert enduring adjective here) protagonist or sometimes, heroine. I even went so far as to seperate the paragraphs into chapters and title them accordingly. (Yes, I am well aware, and have come to accept, my ever growing list of dorky tendencies).

4. Delightful as it was, the email was always long and therefore time consuming.

5. Besides the obvious dismay my boss would have had if he actually knew how long I spent in composing it, I grew quite exasperated at the thought of even writing them.

6. So, one day, story format magically transformed into the creative type's (aka me) lazy loophole, the Top List.

7. Turns out, this one stuck.

8. When Sandra moved to Nashville and our emailing became a sparce occurence, the Top List continued on with Moneek, my outrageous, equally as creative and silly, best friend.

9. And so, for my first posting, I give you the history.

10. Enjoy.