Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Happiness Project Continues

My Picture of the day.

1. I've been attempting to be diligent about my Happiness Project. 

2. Happiness Assignments so far have been to organize my life and practice The Little Things.

3. I've been doing pretty well with The Little Things, though I have to admit that today's Picture of the Day is an old picture that I just turned black and white. Revamping counts, right?

4. I do have to give myself a major pat on the back though because I cleaned out my nightmare of a car and then organized my room (including the closet and under the bed!) and only kept the things that I really love.

5. It was a seemingly insurmountable feat, but I conquered it! 

6. I have to say, I feel great. This is truly adding to my happiness. 

7. I think I may start a Happiness Group (click here to learn more) in my hometown! 

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