Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Om Nashi Me


2. I am loving this song. 

3. These are the lyrics:
Om nashi me
I love you
And I love you forever
And I’m loving you now

4. Simple and beautiful. More beautiful because they're simple? I think so.

5. Apparently, the phrase "om nashi me" is made up. According to Jade from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, "Alex made it up...but apparently it means, 'oh infinite nakedness' in sanskrit...even though we're not quite sure."

6. Valentine's Day day is just around the corner......

The Love Bot 3000 ROBOT geeky Valentines Day balloon art print upcycled vintage dictionary page book art print
I actually already got this cute print for R. I can't wait til it gets here! 
7.  Some more ideas:

8. Flying Heart Art Print 'The Heart Thief' Valentine's Day Man on Penny Farthing Bike with birds illustration upcycled dictionary page book

9. Gold Wire Love Ring - Adjustable Fit Most Size - Valentine's Day Gift

10. Textured Painting Signature Birds on a Wire 20 x 10 Minimal Romantic Custom Valentines Day

11. Valentine's Day Card - You're Just My Type

12. Superman comics bow tie

13. THE AWKWARD ROBOT Brings You Love. Robot Necklace with Heart in Antique Gold Finish.

14. Novelty Coasters - Seinfeld - Funny Coasters - Notebook Fabric

15. Valentines Day Heart Shaped Smitten Snuggle down for warm romantic walks

16. Happy valentining!

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  1. what a great song!
    and the photos are amazing!
    great post! :)