Sunday, April 25, 2010

End of Weekend Prettiness- Top List Style

1. Sundays are lazy, relaxing and a farewell to the weekend all rolled into one.

2. Because of this, a series of inspiring, jaw dropping pictures are needed to help keep you grounded firmly into the weekend.

3. That is why, starting today, and continuing every Sunday, I will post three lovely morsels for you viewing pleasure.

Too true.

This is what I do in my spare time. tehe.

I would die everytime I woke up in this room. The definition of lovliness.

Sums up my biggest flaw perfectly- pretty picture style.

One umbrella picture is never enough.

Gorgeous. Last umbrella picture. I promise. (For now).

Amelie can always round out a list of prettiness.

Because all of us Amelies out there deserve a happy ending too.

4. If you haven't heard the soundtrack to this movie, it is a must listen. It's twirl worthy.

5. Oh, and I wish that I could have found a picture of the scene where Amelie melts to the floor- literally. That's how I've been feeling exactly.

6. P.S. Did I say three? Tehe. Whoops:)

Happy weekend!

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