Sunday, April 25, 2010

The History of Top List

1. As anything with me seems to go, Top List was born out of sheer laziness.

2. But we shall say for the official record, that it was an idea sprung from the swirling creative juices encased in my high IQ, perfect, always humourous, always thinking and subsequently saying, glamourous, grown up, infinitely imaginative brilliant mind, whose intent is to always break the mold and this little product was tada! the Top List.

3. I used to work with a girl named Sandra, who was, for a long time it seemed, my main mentor. She was the type of girl that someone like me came to with all my problems. She had somehow lived them all twelve times over. We communicated through a number of emails every weekday and the first always began as a "Once upon a time" account of my adventures that I liked to refer to as story format, due to my obsession with writing in the third person and referring to myself as your (insert enduring adjective here) protagonist or sometimes, heroine. I even went so far as to seperate the paragraphs into chapters and title them accordingly. (Yes, I am well aware, and have come to accept, my ever growing list of dorky tendencies).

4. Delightful as it was, the email was always long and therefore time consuming.

5. Besides the obvious dismay my boss would have had if he actually knew how long I spent in composing it, I grew quite exasperated at the thought of even writing them.

6. So, one day, story format magically transformed into the creative type's (aka me) lazy loophole, the Top List.

7. Turns out, this one stuck.

8. When Sandra moved to Nashville and our emailing became a sparce occurence, the Top List continued on with Moneek, my outrageous, equally as creative and silly, best friend.

9. And so, for my first posting, I give you the history.

10. Enjoy.

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